Sharp Blades Berdycha

5500.00 Kč

Kód zboží: N41

Bardiche is a type of glaive polearm known in the 16th and 17th centuries in Eastern Europe. In Russia and in Poland this weapon was used to rest handguns upon when firing. It was standard equipment for the Streltsy corps (foot, mounted and dragoons) and also for the Polish infantry (shorter version invented by King Jan III Sobieski) Another use of the bardiche was for execution. This version is based on original desing, made from 14260 spring steel and for handle was used oak wood. Weight of this axe is 1,5 kg( 53oz) and lenght is 1,5 meters(59 inches).

  • Celková délka – 1,5 metru
  • Váha – 1500 g
  • Ocel – 14260